Re: RPAT - Realtime Proxy Abuse Triangulation

Date: 12/31/02

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    Date: Tue, 31 Dec 2002 09:59:17 +0800

    Greg Barnes said:

    >And this is precisely because it is illegal. I'm not a lawyer
    >(or an ethics expert !clearly!) but perusing other people's
    >property appears to fall into one of the camps you describe
    >earlier...So, I have to ask myself, by what standard, and by
    >whom will I be judged?



    But back when I was a police officer in the UK, the definition of burglary
    was when a person "enters property as a trespasser with the intent to
    commit an arrestable offence <other stuff dropped>"

    Now there are definitions for what property is, what trespass is and what
    an arrestable offence is ( as well as intent ) and if it fits, one could
    arrest for burglary.

    And believe me ( because I had jobs that fit this description ) going into
    an unlocked house and looking around is trespass ( civil tort ) not
    burglary ( crime ), unless the accused admits he was going in to
    steal/damage/commit arson etc. etc.

    Applying analogies for laws which anyone above a three year old can get
    away with by simply not telling the truth ( and don't get me started about
    how hard it is to prove "handling stolen goods" ) to anything on the
    Internet is not sane practice.

    Move on, nothing to see, here.



    P.S. I am also grateful to Jay for the philosophy lesson. Any pointers to
    sites on formal logic? -tcy
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