Scanning Port UDP 4668

From: Ken Grossman (
Date: 07/22/02

Date: Mon, 22 Jul 2002 09:46:32 -0400
From: "Ken Grossman" <>


One of the groups that I support has been seeing a lot of scanning for UDP
port 4668. Before you ask, they did not quantify "a lot". One of the
questions that they have is what are the scanners looking for that is
running on that port. I checked the IANA port listing at and found that the port number (TCP
and UDP) is unassigned. I also performed a check on the SecurityFocus site
to see if this had bee discussed before but found nothing on it. Does
anyone know what could be running on that port number? Thanks for your

Ken Grossman, CISSP
(202) 401-7142

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