RE: odd scans?

From: Bamm (Robert) Visscher (
Date: 05/28/02

From: "Bamm (Robert) Visscher" <>
To: "Scott, Michael R." <>
Date: 28 May 2002 10:21:30 -0500


I have seen syn floods of both types (targeting a single port and
targeting all/many ports). I am not sure why an attacker would target
all ports. There may be a way to consume resources of certain OSes in
this manner, it may just be a blatant bandwidth attack, or it could even
be poor execution of a DoS attack (ie broken code).


On Fri, 2002-05-24 at 15:51, Scott, Michael R. wrote:
> that crossed my mind, but the random source port threw me off. I would
> expect most DOS attacks to target a daemon port, unless just a general
> bandwidth DOS was the goal. Thoughts?
> thanks for the reply, by the way
> Mike

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