RE: I think I've been hacked...please help!

From: H C (
Date: 04/09/02

Date: Tue, 9 Apr 2002 03:44:30 -0700 (PDT)
From: H C <>
To: "Arnold, Jamie" <>, "''" <>


1. Have you gathered detailed process information,
such as using pslist.exe and listdlls.exe (from
SysInternals), and pulist.exe (from the RK)?

2. Have you run netstat? Since you didn't specify
which operating systems are running, I'll point out
that only XP has the '-o' switch in netstat.

3. Have you run fport.exe from Foundstone, mapping
the processes to open ports in netstat?

4. Have you collected any file info...last access
times, etc? Something like the following command is a
quick and dirty way of doing it:

c:\>dir /s /ta /od c:\*

5. Have you collected or reviewed EventLogs (assuming
we're talking about NT/2K here)?

6. Have you done any network-based packet captures?

It seems to me that you might have a pretty
significant incident on your hands...but you really
haven't given us a whole lot of information to work
with. For example, are these machines using publicly
routable addresses? What's the patch level? What
operating system is being used? What major apps are
running (IIS, FTP, etc)?

Of course, this may just be some "goodies" this other
admin friend of yours (the "techie") left behind.

I teach a course that walks admins such as yourself
through how to deal with/handle situations like this.
To be honest, if you have the time, I think these
machines would be very interesting to work
with...observe the activity on the systems, as well as
the network, and see what these "bad guys" are up to.

--- "Arnold, Jamie" <> wrote:
> All:
> I have several machines that are using excessive
> bandwidth. Upon
> inspection, I find multiple connections to servers
> with names like
>, etc... On 6667. Incoming
> connections are random although
> 1067 seems to be a common one. I have 4 instances
> of cmd.exe running and 2
> of win.exe While it looks like Egghead, the reg
> entries aren't there nor
> the directories/files. These machines all had an
> account ID of Microsoft
> with admin privs on them. They don't connect to a
> domain and were setup by
> the department "tech" person who left them wide
> open. What is confusing to
> me is that one of them uses our Exchange server
> which is protected by
> Antigen (and I pull nearly every extension known to
> man) and McAffee on the
> desktop. I can't find anything that matches this.
> Anyone have any insight?
> Thanks
> J
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