Re: Logon Banners

From: Chris Wilson (
Date: 03/23/02

Date: Sat, 23 Mar 2002 13:38:51 +0000
From: Chris Wilson <>
To: "leon" <>

> There is a thread going on, on the sf-basics list about logon banners
> and legalities. The general consecutions seems to be one of two
> groups of thought; 1) If you put welcome in your logon on banner
> this could make you legally responsible if you are attacked (meaning
> the attacker can say, "well it said welcome".) 2) This is an urban
> legend and not really true.
> My question is can anyone provide links showing that there have been
> court cases decided upon this? I found a reference in one of my
> cisco design books but it does not provide links or any other
> cross-reference.

I'm sure there have been thousands of convictions of people who've broken
into peoples houses - despite the house owner having "Welcome" sewn into
their doormat. If anyone was ever able to argue (1) above then I'm sure
we'd have heard about it and it's implications to physical "breaking and



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