Re: nouser - rootkit ?

Date: 03/12/02

To: "Bruce Ediger" <>
Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2002 12:10:02 -0500

From monitoring router logs, I have found that sometimes a machine is
rooted more than once.
The first kiddie roots the machine, installs a rootkit, but doesn't fix
the vulnerability.
A subsequent cracker roots it again, installing a different rootkit.
It is not a feint, just the fact the rooting a box doesn't necessarily fix
the vulnerability.
Oh yes, it was an IRIX box rooted with telnet vulnerability.

Bill Royds
Acting System Administrator,
Canadian Heritage Information Network
(819) 994-1200 X 239

"Bruce Ediger" <>
03/11/02 10:26 PM

        cc: "Konrad Rieck" <>
        Subject: Re: nouser - rootkit ?

On Mon, 11 Mar 2002, Konrad Rieck wrote:

> I wonder if there are really attackers out there installing
> in order to protect the real ones. Has anybody on this list detected
> kind of "feints"?

I posted to usenet last year with the same question, because one
of the machines I tend got rooted.

In response, some guy claimed he found a rootkit that had at least
two layers:

I'm not at all sure I believe this story: IRIX is pretty obscure,
and not very widely used. Why would anyone go to the effort of
doing a "feint" rootkit to mask a "real" rootkit for so few targets?

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