Windows 2k SNMP Wonkiness Poll

From: Davis Ray Sickmon, Jr (
Date: 02/13/02

From: "Davis Ray Sickmon, Jr" <>
To: <>
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 16:04:26 -0600

Ok, there's apparently some wonkiness with Windows 2000 Server installs and
SNMP either being installed or not installed. Me personally, it's not
running on my Win2K servers - but, I've got some customers that it might be
running on, and some remote sites I need to check out. But the question in
my mind is: What common installation option(s) result in SNMP being loaded?
It might be real cool if us who are having to admin (put up with? ;-) Win2K
Servers put our heads together and figured out what triggers SNMP installs,
so that a possibly better advisory might be released into the wild.

My servers are Win2K Servers with IIS loaded, not running DNS, telnet, or
any other protocols, with the exception of NetBEUI. Both are hand installed
by me from Retail Win2K CD's, and I have another experemental machine that
is loaded from the Win2K Server CD in my MSDN-U subscription set. There's
no PDC on the network, and it's setup as a 'workgroup' instead of a Windows
Domain. SNMP never reared it's ugly head on any of them.

For workstations, SNMP never loaded by default. This is both for OEM
machines and for Retail versions.

Everyone else?

J R Sickmon - Creek Electric, Inc. (or)
Davis Ray Sickmon, Jr - Midnight Ryder Technologies

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