dtspcd probes toward Solaris machines

From: Scott Fendley (scottf@uark.edu)
Date: 01/18/02

Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2002 17:48:21 -0600
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From: "Scott Fendley" <scottf@uark.edu>

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Greetings everyone. My apologies for the cross post, but I am doing
research presently on the dtspcd vulnerability that affects Solaris (and
other venders) running CDE.

I have now recorded a successful intrusion on a computer on my network that
appears to be related to this vulnerability. I also showed yesterday that
I had a host involving a customer of Verio's that probed a handful of
machines closer to my office hitting 6112/tcp.

I was driving back from Dallas last night and hadn't finished deploying a
new IDS machine at our border, so I missed catching any traffic details
involving this exploit. I went looking back through email from various
security lists, and see that there may have been probes since early
December to this port. This is approximately a month after the initial
advisory by Xforce. So these probes in December may be some tests of a
new tool the black hats have been developing.

So I have several questions for you collectively.

1) Does anyone have a snort/tcpdump trace of the exploit that I can look at
and analyze?

2) Have any of the rest of you seen scans for port 6112, and can see when
the scans first started for your network?

3) Have any of you caught a copy of the exploit software somehow that would
be willing to let me disect?

4) Have any of you seen a DoS being generated after the computer is exploited?

Thanks for all of your assistance, and if you would like a copy of my
general report (obfuscation will occur) let me know. Thanks.

Scott Fendley

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