RE: and badtrans compromise information

From: Nick FitzGerald (
Date: 01/05/02

From: "Nick FitzGerald" <>
Date: Sat, 5 Jan 2002 11:28:44 +1200

"Slighter, Tim" <> wrote:

> There are numerous articles available online concerning this opertation and
> how it evolved. More or less brought into existence as the result of FBI
> requests, I cannot accurately state where to draw the line from a financial
> or legal perspective. From a simple approach, it appears that the invidual
> managing this site is rendering a non standard service and is most likely
> entitled to charge for these services. One possible loophole would be if
> these services were mandated by the FBI and a legal entity that required the
> site to provide these services to the public.


Another view is that, at least under some jurisdictions, the person
running this "service" is clearly peddling "stolen goods" (and ones
he admits are stolen at that!).

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