Re: Request For Hack !

Date: 12/26/01

To: <>
Date: Tue, 25 Dec 2001 17:25:30 -0600

As far as my French goes (very rusty), the title of that site is very "appealing" for what
you've been asked (?!?) to do:

"Les Journaux Officiels - Le plus court chemin entre la loi et vous"

means something like:

"The Official Journals - The shortest path between the law and yourself"

which - when it comes to hacking - may be exactly what you're going to experience, if
you take up the "challenge".

But then - again - the things may look fishy only when seen from the States - while you
guys, in the UK, may have such "friendly" arrangements with your "amis" in France,
allowing you to hack into each other's governmental sites ;>


On 25 Dec 2001 at 0:43, Nexus wrote:

> [Mods: Not sure if this is in the list mandate, if not, pass it on as you
> see fit.]
> It's a new kind of spam....
> OK folks, this is a first - a complete stranger has asked me to hack some
> official looking french site - I don't speak french myself, but the
> babelfish translation makes it appear a goverment portal type thing.
> Ummmm.... yeah, OK....... I thought only the folks got
> requests like this ?
> I have passed on the details to the website info address, as well as the
> ISP's concerned - anyone run into anything like this before, as I haven't
> ;-)
> Welcome to the first Challenge No Security.
> The target is :
> To win, you have to be the fisrt one to put the Challenge No Security's logo
> on your victim's website.
> Good luck ;-)

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