Re: 6112/TCP scans

From: Paul Dokas (
Date: 12/11/01

Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2001 15:18:58 -0600
From: Paul Dokas <>
To: dewt <>

On Fri, Dec 07, 2001 at 05:57:42PM -0600, dewt wrote:
> On Friday 07 December 2001 03:14 pm, Paul Dokas wrote:
> > Is anyone else seeing large numbers of 6112/TCP scan coming from
> > - I'm seeing about 10/minute destined to
> > random IPs within my networks. The scanning technique looks exactly
> > like the TCPMUX scans that were occuring a few months ago (forgive me,
> > I can't remember what the technique was, just that it was really odd).
> >
> > Obviously, they're looking for vulnerable CDE installations.
> >
> > Paul
> 6112 is the port used by blizzard's battlenet, you might just have people
> playing diablo 2,starcraft, or whatever on your network

You know, at first, this sounded right to me. However, over the weekend
and yesterday, my IDS picked up lots of this:

Time Source IP Dest IP Protocol Src Port Dest Port Type Connections/Packets

9-Dec-2001 12:56:27 A.B.C.26 6 1248 6112 bad dst port 1
9-Dec-2001 12:56:27 A.B.E.27 6 1193 6112 bad dst port 1
9-Dec-2001 12:56:37 A.B.F.69 6 1208 6112 bad dst port 1
9-Dec-2001 12:55:56 A.B.G.38 6 1128 6112 bad dst port 1
9-Dec-2001 12:56:07 A.B.G.43 6 1139 6112 bad dst port 1
9-Dec-2001 12:56:57 A.B.D.116 6 1127 6112 bad dst port 1
9-Dec-2001 12:57:37 A.B.D.105 6 1099 6112 bad dst port 1
9-Dec-2001 12:57:37 A.B.G.100 6 1176 6112 bad dst port 1

Where I've replace my IP addresses with 'A.B.[CDEFG].' All of the packets
were 40bytes and not all of the destination IP addresses are being used.

The source of the packets were, and, the destination was always 6112/TCP. I've got ~450
packets over the 4 day period from 00:00 GMT+6 12/8 through this morning
for my /21 network.

To me, it looks like there was a slow scan with randomized destinations going
until Friday. Then it seems to have switched to a faster type of scan, or
possibly to just scanning my class A or B network.

Also, there does appear to be legitimate battlenet traffic going to that
area of the Internet. Perhaps someone is scanning from those IPs specifically
to hide within the legit battlenet traffic?


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