RE: Port 113 requests?

From: Tony Gale (
Date: 12/07/01

From: Tony Gale <>
To: "Slighter, Tim" <>
Date: 07 Dec 2001 09:45:09 +0000

Normally I'd agree, but auth (113) is a special case due to how it is
used. As previously stated certain mail systems will try an auth
connection. Also, certain eBanking systems will do the same. Simply
dropping these connection will result in these services not working
correctly. So, you should either send a RST or ICMP unreachable.


On Thu, 2001-12-06 at 20:51, Slighter, Tim wrote:
> you really should try and specify that the rule "drops" instead of reject so
> that the potential intruder is not provided with any information about their
> attempted connection.

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