Re: RED-CODE WORM PATCH possibly not working ????

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Date: 07/21/01

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Subject: Re: RED-CODE WORM PATCH possibly not working ????
Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2001 18:17:44 -0400


I have the exact same issue for IIS5. I installed Q300972 last month, but
saw the 200 http result codes for the .ida attacks. I re-ran my install of
Q300972, but I still see the 200 result codes.

I want to hedge this by saying that it does not appear that my IIS5 servers
have been penetrated. The patch seems to be working but I get that
unsettling 200 http result code.


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Subject: RED-CODE WORM PATCH possibly not working ????

> Hi,
> i have got some IIS4-and some IIS5-servers. I was checking the logfiles =
> to get a short info about the red-code worm. The IIS4-servers were =
> respondig to the get default.ida with a http 40x code, but the IIS5 on =
> w2k machines were all responding with an http 200 code. Hmmm strange =
> =B4cause all the servers have been patched in the last month against =
> this idq-vulnerability (MS01-033).
> I=B4m really a wondering, is it normal, that the w2k servers reponding =
> with an 200-Code or is mabe the patch not working at all... does anybody =
> had this effect ????
> best regards
> tigerblue
> MCSE systemadministration


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