RE: SSHD with Secured authentication, using RSA PAM client

Edward, I don't know if this helps but we've had similar problems with RSA
clients, OpenSSH servers and PAM (at least on earlier versions of OpenSSH).

If you're using the RSA SSH client and you specify "Authentication Method"
as "password" that means traditional /etc/passwd an /etc/shadow file
methods. As I recall to get PAM you need to specify "Keyboad Interactive".
Try that, it might help.

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Has anyone got ssh to authenticate to SecureID? We have to use the version
of sshd included with Solaris 9, 1.0.1, and we cannot get it to work. It
seems Solaris always tries to authenticate locally even after I configure
pam.conf. RSA has a "work around" but they do not support even the work
around. RSA will support OpenSSH, but not the sshd included with Solaris.

Any help would be appreciated.


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