Re: Solaris 2.7 Daylight saving time fix.

The POSIX standard *requires* that the ?STx?DT format precludes
the use of zone files.

Any OS which uses the zoneinfo files is not compliant when the $TZ
variable can be parsed under the POSIX rules.

Okay, well the NIH zdump (and, as it happens, the Sol 10 zdump.c I got to
compile on Sol 2.7), "trussed" shows:
open("/usr/share/lib/zoneinfo/GMT", O_RDONLY) = 3
open("/usr/share/lib/zoneinfo/CST6CDT", O_RDONLY) = 3

So I guess the reason it 'works' is its not properly POSIX ... so the
question (to my mind) remains - where does Sol's POSIX-valid zdump get its
TZ info? From a library file? That would be the one we need to update.

If Solaris zdump does not dump the zone file, then that's somewhat
strange; these POSIX rules are hardcoded in the library

What you really should do is switch to the appriate Olson timezone.