RE: Solaris 10 necessary file question

You can delete those files, but don't expect printing (lp), email
(smmsp), the webserver (www) or unix-to-unix copy (uucp) to work.

Though I doubt you'll be using uucp, and printing isn't all that common,
you would have to scratch your head about the email functionality. The
smmsp user is (off the top of my head) used for the queueing of outgoing
mail and local (to local) mail. I'm not sure the www account owns any
files on a default install, but if it does, I expect them to be part of
a web administration thingy. If you install or need Apache at any point,
make sure it is configured to run using the nobody user, or keep the www

I'm drawing a blank on nuccp though. I'll leave the searching of
manpages for that one to you. =)



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We removed the following default accounts in Solaris 10: lp, smmsp,
uucp, nuccp, however the files owned by these accounts still exist. I
would like to delete these files, but the administrator is not very
familiar with Solaris and doesn't know if the O/S needs the associated
files or not. Does anyone know if those files are still in use even
the file's owner accounts have been deleted?

Thank You in Advance,

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