Re: Solaris 10 necessary file question

jeffnjillian@xxxxxxxxx schrieb:
We removed the following default accounts in Solaris 10: lp, smmsp, www, uucp, nuccp, however the files owned by these accounts still exist. I would like to delete these files, but the administrator is not very familiar with Solaris and doesn't know if the O/S needs the associated files or not. Does anyone know if those files are still in use even though the file's owner accounts have been deleted?

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If you use Solaris10 as an print server lp could be used.
The transfer method uucp (unic to unix copy) is an old method for transfering files but not used in modern enviroments. The Accounts uucp and nuucp is
for using an extra account for this transfer methode.

In the most systems the user www or wwwrun are used for the Webserver - for instance apache.
If there is no webserver running - the account can be deleted.