Re: Dealing with BSM Audit Logs

The only tools I'm aware of are;

- emerald expert-bsm last release 2002 :-(
-ISS Realsecure server sensor

In addition Solaris 10 supports now XML as output format which is supposed to be easier to parse, right?


Crist J. Clark wrote:
Sarbanes-Oxley has reared its ugly head. The word has come down
from on high that we need to know everything root does on the
affected systems. Using Solaris's built-in audit tools seems
like the obvious choice. So, I have,


In the audit_user file. Great. Most of the time this captures
what we want without too much cruft...

Most of the time. We had one system generate two GBs of logs
over two days (impractical). Now it is back to a few MB per day
(reasonable). I'm still trying to figure out exactly why, but
it looks like ufsdump/ufsrestore is hell on accounting. Not
for all of the files getting touched, as I first expected,
but rather to wild amounts of signalling (kill(2)) between

Anyway, I am in search of tools to deal with audit logs. For
example, I suspect that this noise is from ufsdump/restore,
but this is hard to back out. It'd be sweet to have a tool
where I could pull out all of the logs related to a process,
including its children, and look at them. Something interactive
would be so-o cool. Using auditreduce(1M) and praudit(1M) with
grep, perl, and awk only goes so far, especially when it
comes to GBs of logs.

Are there tools out there for this? Any leads, from Sun, free
stuff, your scripts, or third-party commercial, would help.

(Oh, and peeve with auditreduce(1M), it can't handle large