Re: root group in solaris


On Tue, 2006-09-26 at 17:09 -0700, Jonathan Leffler wrote:
What if one of the commands is /bin/ksh? Or if the person in question
runs sudo /bin/ksh?

Download the source (v1.6.3 is available from SourceForge). Try it. The
source code needs at least one code change to compile with GCC v4.x on
Solaris 8 - add #include <string.h> but it needs to be wrapped in #ifdef
HAVE_STRING_H and #endif since the autoconfigure process looks for it).

This is absolutely clear to me. I was thinking more in the lines of
"Wouldn't that give the user the right to do whatever he wants, even if
he didn't initially get the permission to do it in /etc/sudoers, and
wouldn't that give the user even the right to _change_ /etc/sudoers?"

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