chroot of iPlanet 6.0 and Siebel....

From: Jonathan Katz (
Date: 05/20/05

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    Date: Fri, 20 May 2005 11:51:56 -0500


    I'm attempting to establish a chrooted environment for an iPlanet
    6.0SP9 webserver with Siebel web extensions installed for our
    enterprise on Solaris 9. I've been able to operate the SSL-based
    webserver in the chrooted environment with no major problems. However,
    when I enable the Siebel web extensions the webserver fails to start;
    I'm not even prompted for the SSL password upon start, the webserver
    coredumps. Based on error messages it looks like I'm missing
    libraries, but after examining LD_LIBRARY_PATH and judicious use of
    ldd I'm coming up short...

    The Siebel Web Extensions (SWE) are NSAPI C++ libraries added in
    through some $LD_LIBRARY_PATH voodoo in the start script and through a
    'load-modules' in the magnus.conf. If I remove the 'load-modules' line
    in the magnus.conf for the SWE and the "Service method" line from
    obj.conf the webserver doesn't reference the SWE and it operates just

    My chroot is placed in /opt/sandbox. The apps all think they live in
    /opt/app; my app installation was copied from a working server that
    uses /opt/app. So the apps are physically located in
    /opt/sandbox/opt/app. As a test, on the OS I symlinked
    /opt/sandbox/opt/app to /opt/app. When I launch iPlanet with the SWE
    from /opt/app without the chroot they work fine. Once within the
    chroot it fails miserably. If I take the SWE out of the config iPlanet
    will work within the chroot.

    All of the application and its supporting libraries lives under
    /opt/app/siebel77 and /opt/app/iplanet. For the chroot I copied over
    /usr/lib, /usr/bin, /usr/java, /usr/j2se, /usr/java1.2, /usr/platform
    and /usr/share for good measure. lib and bin are symlinked from the
    chroot to usr/bin and usr/lib ... /etc/ has passwd, hosts, group and
    netconfig. I can't think of what else could be missing. All of the
    required items for /dev exist, too and are created with the
    appropriate major/minor numbers, ownership and permission due to some
    pretty cool script parsing of /etc/minor_perm and ls -lL.

    When running with the SWE enabled in the chroot the following error
    shows in the iPlanet error log....

    [20/May/2005:11:28:32] info (14969): [LS ls1] https://my_server, port
    443 ready to accept requests
    [20/May/2005:11:28:32] info (14969): A new configuration was
    successfully installed
    [20/May/2005:11:30:46] info (14992): successful server startup
    [20/May/2005:11:30:46] info (14992):
    iPlanet-WebServer-Enterprise/6.0SP9 B11/04/2004 06:35
    [20/May/2005:11:30:46] catastrophe (14992): Server crash detected
    (signal SIGSEGV)
    [20/May/2005:11:30:46] info (14992): Crash occurred in NSAPI SAF swe-init
    [20/May/2005:11:30:46] info (14992): Crash occurred in function
    __1cLCcfLogEvent6FpnJsrdObjTag_1pkHrknMCCFFormatArg_66666_i_ from

    When I use ldd against the file with the proper
    LD_LIBRARY_PATH set (the one that is still in the iPlanet start file)
    it resolves everything OK... the few libraries that are unresolved are
    also unresolved outside of the chroot where the software functions as
    it should. The paths and files all exist under the chroot as they'd be
    seen in the chroot. I've run ldd against the libraries that links against, too. They all seem to resolve OK and
    exist in the proper places in the chroot. I'm really baffled by this.
    No Siebel config files reference a pathname that does not exist under
    the chroot, either.

    I also ran lsof on the working iPlanet processes with the SWE outside
    of the chroot. I found nothing listed that wasn't copied over into the

    I don't know what else could be broken. Does anyone have an idea if I
    left any files out of the chroot environment? Has anyone established a
    chrooted webserver environment with Siebel Web Extensions or other 3rd
    party apps? If so, have you encountered the same pitfalls? What were
    your workarounds? We will also open a call with Siebel but I expect
    little assistance from them on the subject or a declaration that what
    I'm trying to accomplish is unsupported by them. I did find some Sun
    documentation that referenced a bug with chroot and servlets, but it
    dates to 4.0SP3... See for details....
    but I'm not running a JSP-style servlet.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance... I know longer-term it would
    make sense to go with a zone and Solaris 10 but that isn't an option
    for us right now.


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