SunScreen and Broadcasts

From: Crist J. Clark (
Date: 04/08/05

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    Date: Fri, 8 Apr 2005 11:53:43 -0700

    I'm having some trouble setting up SunScreen as a host-based
    firewall and have had a lot of frustration trying to get help
    through Sun's support.

    I've been using the Sun BluePrint, "Securing Systems with Host-
    Based Firewalls - Implemeneted With SunScreen Lite 3.1 Software,"

    I am actually using full-blown SunScreen 3.2 on Solaris 9. But
    I figured the BluePrint would be close enough. I don't know if
    Lite versus full-calorie version issues is the problem.

    I have a very simple ruleset,

      1 "*" "harbor-gocc" "*" ALLOW LOG SUMMARY COMMENT "open GOCC interface out"
      2 "*" "*" "harbor-gocc" ALLOW LOG SUMMARY COMMENT "open GOCC interface in"
      3 "backup-out" "harbor-backup" "backup-net" ALLOW LOG SUMMARY COMMENT "out to backup clients"
      4 "netbackup-in" "backup-net" "harbor-backup" ALLOW LOG SUMMARY COMMENT "in from backup clients"
      5 "*" "*" "*" DENY LOG SUMMARY COMMENT "log drops"

    What is going on here is that we have a multihomed host,
    a backup server. We want to restrict access to the host on
    the interface connected to the backup network. Right now,
    I'm just trying to understand how SunScreen works; the
    interface on the backup network isn't even connected.

    The "harbor-gocc" object is just an "ADDRESS" for the host's
    interface on the internal network, Now, the
    naive child that I am expects firewall, security software
    to only do exactly what its told. It shouldn't make
    Microsoft-style assumptions about what the administrator
    really means. Afterall, this is secuity software, we fail
    on the side of security rather than ease-of-use, right?

    But then I started to see this in the logs,

      2 hme0 (pass) 14.95339 -> UDP D=9002 S=9002 LEN=287
      3 hme0 (pass) 14.95499 -> UDP D=9002 S=9002 LEN=287
      4 hme0 (pass) 14.96346 -> UDP D=9002 S=9002 LEN=343
      5 hme0 (pass) 14.96406 -> UDP D=9002 S=9002 LEN=342
      6 hme0 (pass) 14.96450 -> UDP D=9002 S=9002 LEN=287

    That is, traffic to the broadcast address of the internal
    network is being passed! I never said anything about passing
    traffic to broadcast addresses. Where is this getting passed?

    First I learned that SunScreen has no ability to associate
    a pass or deny with rules in the ruleset. That's quite a
    misfeature, IMHO. Next, after weeks and a dozen or two emails
    to Sun support, they pointed to the following information
    about the internal rule compilation (ssadm lib/screeninfo),

    /*RULE "*-Broadcast" "* - Other" "Broadcast Routing" ALLOW LOG SUMMARY COMMENT "open GOCC interface in"*/
    /* Output:0 */
    /* Source: - - */
    /* Destination: - */
        if (match(IP_dstaddr, addr_7)) {
            if (match(IP_srcaddr, addr_6)) {
                pmap_nis_fwd(svc_20, 8, 1, Filter_20, Policy_2, 0x0)
                pmap_udp_fwd(svc_21, 8, 1, Filter_21, Policy_2, 0x0)
                udp_datagram_fwd(svc_22, 7, 1, Filter_22, Policy_2, 0x0)
                icmp_fwd(svc_23, 7, 1, Filter_23, Policy_2, 0x0)
                ipmobile_fwd(svc_24, 10, 1, Filter_24, Policy_2, 0x0)

    So what it looks like is happening is that when I specify "*"
    as a service, it includes what SunScreen considered "BROADCAST"
    services. And when you include a rule with a broadcast service,
    SunScreen automagically allows traffic to the broadcast
    addresses! Not just the address or addresses you've specified in
    the rule.

    Now I think that would be a pretty cool feature _iff_ there are
    BIG RED FLASHING WARNINGS telling you about it AND there exist
    a knob or knobs to turn this behavior off. I have been unable
    to get this information yet, waiting for the days to weeks
    turnaround from Sun support. Anyone know of workarounds besides
    just avoiding "BROADCAST" services? I'm also trying to figure
    out which service would allow port 9002/udp broadcasts. I think
    it has something to do with "udp_datagram_fwd," but I'm not
    sure how to correlate that to a SunScreen service.

    I should also mention that I would like to do all administration
    of this firewall from the CLI. Any advice on how to "correctly"
    kill off the Apache server and other stuff that supports the

    (BTW, there is also more "behind-the-scenes" handling of RIP, DNS,
    and CDP, but I got some hints from the support correspondence on
    how to actually turn that off.)

    Crist J. Clark                     |

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