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Date: 10/06/04

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    Date: Wed, 6 Oct 2004 09:19:43 +0800
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    Hi John,

    I have done some Centralized LDAP stuff using openldap(w/ Berkeley DB,
    w/ SSL/TLS, or iDS51 as secondary/primary), + + openssl + openssh +
    pam_ldap + nss_ldap, and would like to share the experience. I avoided
    cyrus-sasl and used Simple BIND w/ TLS.

    You may find my home page useful, or not:


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    Subject: OffTopic - Solaris 9 & openldap

    Apologies for this off topic post, but I'm struggling as to where to go

    For various reasons, primarily that the LDAP server needs to access the
    repository, we are running one of our domains with OpenLDAP (the other
    where we have a dedicated server runs iDS5 with no problems) Whilst the
    clients can authenticate against LDAP successfully I have been unable to
    get the
    Solaris 9 clients to do so. If I login with a local account getent and
    return correct entries, it is just the authentication of users at login
    fails. I've found documents that describe how to do interoperate
    Solaris 9 and
    OpenLDAP using PADL nss-ldap but not with native Solaris nss-ldap. Can
    provide pointers as to what I'm missing and how I can use native

    Unless you think your reply will interest the whole list please reply
    to me.

    Thanks for any help

    John Landamore

    School of Mathematics & Computer Science
    University of Leicester
    University Road, LEICESTER, LE1 7RH
    Phone: +44 (0)116 2523410 Fax: +44 (0)116 2523604

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