DNS problem on Solaris X86

From: Mogens Valentin (monz_at_danbbs.dk)
Date: 06/12/04

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    Date: Sat, 12 Jun 2004 19:09:24 +0200
    To: focus-sun <focus-sun@securityfocus.com>

    Each time I install Solaris 8 X86, I have the same problem registering
    with DNS services on my internal segment. No other computer has

    It starts with (my) inability to force the system to use DHCP; it
    insists on using RPC, though I specifically chose DHCP in the wizard.
    So I choose manual IP config, followed by the nameservice, which I set
    to DNS, and provide parameters as usual for other systems.

    No matter what I do, it responds with " Unable to find an address for
    'hostname' with the specified DNS configuration.
    I've specified domainname, IP of DNS and tried with/without search

    I'm booting off DC1, choosing the wizard (first entry in the boot menu).

    Kind regards,
    Mogens Valentin
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