Re: kernel patch loading but not updating KernelID

From: Laurie Zirkle (
Date: 06/02/04

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    Date: Wed, 2 Jun 2004 06:49:07 -0400
    To: khoh jim <>

    I ran into something similar with one of my Ultra-60's but with an
    earlier kernel patch. I ended up backing out the kernel patch and all
    other patches that had it as a prerequisite and then reinstalling
    all of those patches. (I think I even backed out more than one
    revision of the kernel patches). After reinstalling the patches,
    the machine booted with the correct version of the kernel.

    From the fingers of khoh jim:
    > Hi ,
    > I have loaded the Solaris 8 Kernel patch, 108528-29 on . When running the
    > `uname -v` command, server still shows the kernel ID at -27. However, when
    > looking at /var/sadm/patch, it shows that the patch loaded successfully. I
    > re-loaded the patch using a "patchadd -u" to force the patch, and, again
    > the patch appeared to be successful. The server was rebooted several times.
    > Any ideas what the problem could be, or what I can do to resolve this issue?
    > Regards
    > Jim

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