Re: Issue's with ls

From: William W. Arnold (
Date: 04/21/04

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    To: (Michael Wright)
    Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2004 10:34:52 -0400 (EDT)

    Michael Wright writes ---
    >Now when I used truss -f ls -l this is what I found was hanging.
    >2970: lstat64("./vol", 0xFFBEF9D0) (sleeping...)
    >2970: lstat64("./vol", 0xFFBEF9D0) Err#4 EINTR

    I assume you're in the root directory when doing this.

    By default /vol is a automount filesystem controlled by vold.
    (use "df -a" to list all the special mounts and check if this
    is the case on your system. It'll probably hang when trying to
    list /vol though...)

    If vold isn't responding when it's expected too, it would cause this.

    Try shutting down vold (/etc/init.d/volmgt stop)
    and see if that fixes things. If it doesn't check that the vold
    process has actually exited, if not, try killing it, if it doesn't kill,
    or kill -9, then disable it's automatic starting and reboot.
    If stoping it does work, then check if restarting the service brings
    the problem back.

    Senior Systems Administrator
      Virginia Interactive

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