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From: Randy Williams (
Date: 03/25/04

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    I may be off the mark here, but if your NFS configuration isolates the NFS
    shares to a significant degree (hosts, users, etc) then only the NFS daemon
    would be the weak spot (within the scope of NFS of course, if the host NFS
    server is compromised via a security weakness, then this goes out the

    Or, thinking out loud, would the "mount" command betray you, as it would
    publish all directories/mount points being published on the target machine.

    Is there any way to prevent mount, iostat, netstat or any other I/O
    measurement from giving the mount away?

    Am I chasing rabbits?


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    To what degree does this solution *protect* the share itself? Is there a
    way to tie the server share to a given interface, or better yet, bind nfsd
    itself to a specific interface? Call me paranoid, but I don't trust the
    builtin security mechanisms of nfs too far, especially considering the
    vulnerability rates of some Solaris rpc services in recent years.

    If nfsd cannot be specifically bound to a given interface (and hence not
    bound to others), then a private network between two machines will serve
    only to prevent man-in-the-middle types of attacks but still leaves the
    data vulnerable to any attack on the nfs server itself through the public


    Thomas Lindsay
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    On Wed, 24 Mar 2004, Leeds, Daniel wrote:

    > should be simple. you can either cross connect the two machines secondary
    > interfaces or plug each interface into a seperate VLAN/switch/hub.
    > setup the ip's on each machine and hosts/dns entries as needed. verify
    > connectivity via ping etc between the hosts.
    > setup NFS as normal but mount via the private VLAN. so if hosta and hostb
    > are primary and hosta-priv and hostb-priv are the new private network
    > your mount scenario would be:
    > on host a: mount hostb-priv:/export /export
    > on host b: mount hosta-priv:/export /export
    > etc etc etc.
    > --daniel
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    > >
    > > Hi, I have two Sun Servers (one running Solaris 8 the other
    > > Solaris 9).
    > > I would like to try and setup the machines so that I can use
    > > NFS over a
    > > private network between the two machines using their second
    > > NIC cards.
    > > Is this possible? Any information and suggestions would be greatly
    > > appreciated. Also, do I have to set anything special for the NICs as
    > > far as routing is concerned?
    > >
    > > Thanks,
    > >
    > > Michael
    > >
    > > PS: I know something like this was on the list previously, but I
    > > couldn't find any response to the question, so I'm asking again.
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