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Date: 03/25/04

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    should be simple. you can either cross connect the two machines secondary
    interfaces or plug each interface into a seperate VLAN/switch/hub.

    setup the ip's on each machine and hosts/dns entries as needed. verify
    connectivity via ping etc between the hosts.

    setup NFS as normal but mount via the private VLAN. so if hosta and hostb
    are primary and hosta-priv and hostb-priv are the new private network links
    your mount scenario would be:

    on host a: mount hostb-priv:/export /export
    on host b: mount hosta-priv:/export /export

    etc etc etc.


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    > Subject: NFS Over Private Network
    > Hi, I have two Sun Servers (one running Solaris 8 the other
    > Solaris 9).
    > I would like to try and setup the machines so that I can use
    > NFS over a
    > private network between the two machines using their second
    > NIC cards.
    > Is this possible? Any information and suggestions would be greatly
    > appreciated. Also, do I have to set anything special for the NICs as
    > far as routing is concerned?
    > Thanks,
    > Michael
    > PS: I know something like this was on the list previously, but I
    > couldn't find any response to the question, so I'm asking again.
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