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Date: 03/25/04

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    Date: Wed, 24 Mar 2004 19:29:13 -0800
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    This is OK to do. You will want to set up entries in /etc/hosts for each of
    the servers listing their private addresses (and a name that is different as

    For instance, the hosts file on both systems might me: server1 #external name for server1 server2 #external name for server2 server1_p #private name for server1 server2_p #private name for server2

    Then you make sure that your /etc/exports lists only the private addresses
    for the nfs exports. Your external firewall should be configured to reject
    all packets from outside the network claiming to be from private IP

    Mandell Degerness

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    Subject: NFS Over Private Network

    Hi, I have two Sun Servers (one running Solaris 8 the other Solaris 9).
    I would like to try and setup the machines so that I can use NFS over a
    private network between the two machines using their second NIC cards.
    Is this possible? Any information and suggestions would be greatly
    appreciated. Also, do I have to set anything special for the NICs as
    far as routing is concerned?



    PS: I know something like this was on the list previously, but I
    couldn't find any response to the question, so I'm asking again.

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