Re: Assigning host route to loopback

From: John Kristoff (
Date: 02/17/04

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    Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2004 23:07:37 -0600
    To: <>

    FYI... I originally posted to this list by mistake, but I'll follow up
    because a number of people did send private emails offering help and
    suggestions (thanks).

    On Tue, 17 Feb 2004 13:29:51 +1000
    "Reg Quinton" <> wrote:

    > > I don't seem to be able to set the netmask for an IP to
    > > in the /etc/inet/netmasks file.
    > Wouldn't a netmask of mean that every single IP address in
    > the world is addressable by ARP on that interface?
    > I doubt that's what you want.

    I think you might be referring to a situation where host relies on
    another (router or default gateway) to do proxy arp in order to reach
    other hosts on other networks. A host route, where the network mask
    is is a legitimate entry in a routing table most
    typically used for a point-to-point link, loopback interface or
    other directly connected host.

    Literally seconds after my post hit the list, Casper Dik (of course :-)
    sent me the info I needed. I needed to enter the IP address in CIDR
    notiation (e.g. in the /etc/hostname.lo0:1 file. I
    also did the same for the dmfe0 interface, plus removed network and
    associate network mask info from the /etc/inet/netmasks file. All
    good now.


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