Re: Solaris 9 ssh

From: Cameron Simpson (
Date: 10/19/03

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    Date: Sun, 19 Oct 2003 11:41:04 +1000
    To: kevin mckay <>

    On 00:03 18 Oct 2003, kevin mckay <> wrote:
    | Another ssh question
    | Does anyone know if it is possible on the server side to
    | require a key AND pass phrase?

    It's not. The passphrase is entirely a client-side thing - it has no
    part in the ssh protocol. It is purely a client-side protection for the
    private key itself. Therefore it's possible for the client (if s/he's
    an idiot, and we all know a few) to remove the passphrase on a general
    purpose ssh key i.e. make it the empty string.

    Actually, now I think about it, you could hack something up. You could
    make their login shell be something that requires a passphrase and the
    runs their "real" shell. Fiddly.

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