Solaris 9 sftp-server

From: BAUMLER Julie L (
Date: 04/07/03

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    From: BAUMLER Julie L <>
    Date: Mon, 7 Apr 2003 09:50:01 -0700 

    We're using Sun's ssh sftp server on Solaris 9 for some (internal) customer
    file tranfers. But, we don't want to allow these people to login or run
    commands with ssh. The usual methods to restrict login (/bin/false, "exit"
    in shell profile files, ...) block both or don't work. We need to be able
    to track file reads and writes, so we need the BSM support of the Solaris
    version of ssh. Has anyone else run across this?


    Julie L Baumler, SCNA
    Sr Systems Administrator
    Multnomah County IT
    503-988-3749 x26909

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