Re: Better Syslog server

From: Casper Dik (Casper.Dik@Sun.COM)
Date: 03/25/03

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    To: Ian G Batten <>
    Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2003 14:31:58 +0100
    From: Casper Dik <Casper.Dik@Sun.COM>

    >The code is a shambolic mess, but you might like to pick up
    > at some point. On Linux is
    >runs fine on its own, on Solaris you need /usr/sbin/syslogd -t running
    >to pick up the stuff on the syslog door. I don't feed that back around
    >into my code, I just take it out to a file, as the log of the logging
    >machine isn't wildly interesting. You put the code in /var/syslogd/bin.

    No information is logged on "syslog_door"; it's just a door_call
    syslog clients perform to see whether the syslog daemon is alive.

    i.e., all you need to do is to have a door server alive on that
    particular door; it does not consume information; all information
    is then logged through /dev/sysmsg.


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