Re: Better Syslog server

From: Michael Katz (
Date: 03/17/03

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    Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2003 11:20:43 -0800
    From: Michael Katz <>

    At 3/17/2003 06:18 AM, Matt Harris wrote:

    >I've been looking a bit on google/sourceforge/etc to try and find a more
    >configurable and extensible syslog server, to no avail. Does anyone
    >know of such a thing? If nothing is out there already, I'll probably
    >embark on a project to do it myself. I'm thinking of a config format
    >somewhat like this:


    I recommend starting here:

    It includes sections on Programming with syslog, syslog Replacements, and
    log parsing tools.

    There is also a mailing list devoted to log analysis with archives that you
    may find useful:

    Michael Katz
    Procinct Security

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