RE: Solaris disk wipe utilitiy?

From: Small, Jim (
Date: 03/06/03

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    From: "Small, Jim" <>
    Date: Thu, 6 Mar 2003 16:57:36 -0500 


    You need to wipe a disk with random patterns of 0's and 1's 6-8 times before
    the data is unrecoverable (by someone like ontrack).

    /dev/zero is OK, I wonder if you could use /dev/random...

    If you think that's being paranoid, do a search with google on people
    recovering data from formatted hard drives.

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    On Thu, Mar 06, 2003 at 10:59:18AM -0600, MacDougall, Shane wrote:
    > Does anybidy know of a DOD-compliant file/disk wipe utility for
    > Solaris 2.8/2.9? We need to clean off our Sunfire box soon, and need to
    > do it securely.

    I know that NASA's requirement is fulfilled by writing /dev/zero to
    partition s2. Does anyone on this list see a problem with that? Does it
    have be done a few times to beat down the residual magnetic flux?

    See this blueprint for more ideas:


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