Re: Solaris disk wipe utilitiy?

Date: 03/07/03

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    Date: Fri, 7 Mar 2003 12:29:20 -0600

    Depending on which part of the DoD regs you're trying to comply with, there
    are differing requirements. Check with you local SSO to find which
    specific reg you must comply with. That will determine the hex value you
    must use and the number of passes you must make.

    If you look in the format command under the test disk option, you can in
    fact specify the HEX pattern and numbers of passes. This function was
    previously authorized by various DoD regulatory agencies, as it had been
    confirmed to actually over write every single bit place on a disk including
    back blocks.

    I've never tested the other functions I saw posted here (cp /dev/null, and
    fdisk -p) therefore I can't confirm or deny that they ignore the bad block
    list in the drive controller and over write every single bit.

    I will add though, sanitizing a disk in no way changes it's classification.
    Disk's may not be declassified or downgraded in these manners. There are
    other highly specific rules involved to change classifications.

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