Re: Current Solaris security infodocs

From: Alec Muffett (
Date: 11/07/02

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    To: Matt Collins <>
    From: Alec Muffett <>
    Date: Thu, 07 Nov 2002 12:20:46 +0000

    >I'm going through a review of a clients Solaris build and, beyond the normal
    >best practices I apply, I'm looking to collate as many third party and Sun
    >documents on hardening configurations, permissions, utilities, etc, as possible,
    >to consider and define pro's and con's for.

    May I please reinforce the suggestions of my colleagues and direct your attention
    towards the specialist homepage for Security "Blueprints" documents:


    which redirects to:


    - itself being a comprehensive index of Sun Security Blueprints, along
    with short summaries of most of them. Very bookmarkable.

    See also 8-)

            - alec

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