Re: Hardening NIS+

From: Andrew J Caines (
Date: 08/15/02

Date: Thu, 15 Aug 2002 15:59:05 -0400
From: Andrew J Caines <>

Akop said...
> By the way, are you aware that Sun has already announced EOL for NIS+
> in Solaris 9 release notes?
>'ll be better off going with LDAP rather NIS.

Despite the likelihood that Sun will continue to "support" (as in not stop
it working) NIS and NIS+ for years, it's worth remembering that Sun is now
bundling Netscape^WiPlanet^WSunONE apps, including Directory server, with
Solaris and supporting them as Sun products.

I haven't seen a Solaris 9 install or if they've made using LDAP with PAM
automagic, or at least easy.


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