PAM question

From: Bodó (
Date: 05/08/02

From: "Bodó" Zsolt <>
To: "''" <>
Date: Wed, 8 May 2002 15:50:01 +0200 


My machine is SunOS tisza 5.8 Generic_108529-14 i86pc i386 i86pc with core
install and the latest recommended patch cluster.

I have the following entries in my logs:
May 8 13:52:12 tisza su: [ID 370151 auth.debug] roles pam_sm_authenticate,
service = su user = root ruser = ruser not set
May 8 13:52:12 tisza su: [ID 366847 auth.notice] 'su root' succeeded for
bodozs on /dev/pts/1
May 8 13:55:00 tisza cron[1069]: [ID 370151 user.debug] roles
pam_sm_authenticate, service = cron user = bodozs ruser = ruser not set

The question is: what could be the reason of the debug messages above. I've
searched various newsgroups and couldn't find answer. Everything seems to
work ok (su succeds, cron jobs running as well), but I'm curious if it is a
"don't care" message or something more serious.

thanks in advance for help