Re: How do I set-up secure automated file push and pull?

From: Mark A. Hershberger (
Date: 04/23/02

To: "Anupam" <>
From: (Mark A. Hershberger)
Date: 23 Apr 2002 15:03:17 -0500

"Anupam" <> writes:

> 3. SSH account
> Pros:
> + Account with shell as /usr/lib/rsh and PATH="" is equivalent to denying
> login to machine
> + Because of /usr/lib/rsh as account's shell, account will be unable to
> write to standard o+w directories such as /tmp.
> + Along with use of quota, one can limit the amount of data written to
> various file systems.
> Cons:
> - Difficult to restrict read access to rest of files system, all o+r files
> are readable remotely. Might be easier to set-up on Trusted Solaris or on
> Solaris 8 using RBAC (any input???)
> - To set-up automated SSH one must use client side 'certificates' (not
> really a con, but an issue)

> - Are there any options I am missing?

- You can chroot sshd

- You can use the "command", "from", and "envrionment" in you
  .ssh/authorized_keys file to restrict what commands the client
  key can perform. (See sshd(8))

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