Re: SunScreen troubleshooting tips?

From: Scott Morris (
Date: 01/16/02

From: "Scott Morris" <>
To: <>
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2002 21:42:00 +0800

As far as your first question:

> I want to ping host.B from fw.A. I want the packet to originate from the
> firewall's private interface
> (hme0) and go through the VPN. How do I do that ?

use the -i option for ping

          -i interface_address
                Specify the outgoing interface address to use for
                multicast packets for IPv4 and both multicast and
                unicast packets for IPv6. The default interface
                address for multicast packets is determined from
                the (unicast) routing tables. interface_address
                can be a literal IP address, for example,
      , or an interface name, for example,
                le0, or an interface index, for example 2.

> I'd also like to snoop on the VPN's traffic only. If I'm right there is no
> "virtual interface" tied to
> the VPN so I can't use snoop's "-d" switch. How ?

Since it is VPN traffic, you could just look for the IKE ( or whatever )
Just pick the interface the traffic is leaving from.

-Scott Morris

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