RBAC and audit administration

From: Roland Crüsemann (cruesemann@trustcenter.de)
Date: 11/16/01

Message-Id: <>
Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2001 17:02:15 +0100
To: focus-sun@securityfocus.com
From: Roland Crüsemann <cruesemann@trustcenter.de>
Subject: RBAC and audit administration


first of all thanks for the help with the "Switching audit files under
Solaris 8 via cron" problem.
It was indeed caused by ssh. Doing it via the console or using the
"UseLogin yes" option
solved the problem.

I was playing with RBAC. For this reason I set up an account "audit" with
the following
entry in /etc/user_attr:
audit::::type=normal;profiles=Audit Control,All
If I understood RBAC correctly, it should be possible for the user audit to use
the program /usr/sbin/audit.
But executing the command
% audit -n
as audit gives
audit: not super-user
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