RE: Sun Patches timetable

From: Scot Bellis (
Date: 10/24/01

Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2001 10:27:20 -0500
From: Scot Bellis <>
Subject: RE: Sun Patches timetable
To: SecLists <>
Message-id: <>

In regards to patches, I would recommend patching at least monthly. It is
not necessary to install all patches, however, I would definately recommend
all security patches. You do not need to reboot in order to install them,
however, some of the new patches will not take effect until after a reboot.
I would also recommend taking the host into single user mode before patching
to reduce the overhead and activity on the host. There are some patches that
you do not want to install during a period of high activity such as sd
drivers, io drivers, and security patches. Hope this helps.

Scot Bellis
Systems Support Engineer
Sun Microsystems

>hello all...
>I am just wondering if any of you have a decent system / timetable for
>installing the latest patch clusters from Sun. They seem to be updated
>twice a month but I don't think it is necessarily possible to down all of
>our production boxes twice a month... not to mention the number of boxes
>we have... we would finish and then have to start all over again...
>does anyone have any thoughts on how they do this?

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