Re: strange traffic from Solaris systems showing up on IDS

From: Crist J. Clark (
Date: 10/22/01

Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2001 01:09:55 -0700
From: "Crist J. Clark" <>
To: Ben Tetu-Pappas <>
Subject: Re: strange traffic from Solaris systems showing up on IDS
Message-ID: <>

On Fri, Oct 19, 2001 at 05:12:18PM -0700, Ben Tetu-Pappas wrote:
> I've been seeing some traffic on one of our IDS systems that has me puzzled.
> All of the hosts that generate this traffic are Ultra5 systems running
> Solaris 7 or 8.
> Traffic looks like this:
> Source Addr:
> Source Port: 38847 <---- source ports are
> always above 30,000
> Dest Addr: <---- destination
> address is always
> Dest Port: 0 <---- destination
> port is always 0
> TCP/UDP: TCP <---- traffic is always
> TCP Flags: rst ack <---- TCP flags are
> always rst ack
> As best as I can determine the only correlation that I can come up with is
> that the systems that cause this traffic seem to be starting various
> /usr/dt/bin/* processes when I see the traffic. So what are Solaris and/or
> DT up to that create this seemingly odd traffic?

When I first set up an IDS box on a network with Solaris boxen, I saw
a _ton_ of these. is not a valid destination address for IP
traffic. Nor is 0 a valid TCP port. (That is, these are totally broken
packets.) It is a Solaris kernel bug. Apply a recent "Recommened &
Security Patches" set. I don't have the exact patch number or bug
number handy. Sun support can find that for you rather quickly if you
have a contract.

Crist J. Clark                     |
                                   |    |

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