BIND and 32774 or 32775 UDP ports

From: Jas Amidzic (
Date: 10/10/01

From: "Jas Amidzic" <>
Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2001 09:22:54 +1000
Subject: BIND and 32774 or 32775 UDP ports

BIND 9.1.3 besides listening to TCP port 53 also appear to be listening on UDP
ports 32774 and 32775. Quick nmap scan reviled this ports identifying them as
'sometimes-rpc12' and 'sometimes-rpc14'. However this ports apart to be
associated with BIND, once BIND is stooped 'netstat' does not list those ports
as being in the listening state. Pleas not that all RPC services on the box are

I am not sure why this ports are being put in listening state by BIND. Any
ideas ...?

Thanks Jas

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