Announce: three new security BluePrints on SunFire, Host-based Firewalls, and NTP

From: Alex Noordergraaf (
Date: 09/18/01

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Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2001 09:45:36 -0400
From: Alex Noordergraaf <>
To: Focus on Sun Mailing List <FOCUS-SUN@SECURITYFOCUS.COM>
Subject: Announce: three new security BluePrints on SunFire, Host-based  Firewalls, and NTP

I'm pleased to announce the publication of three new security-related
BluePrints in this months BluePrint OnLine issue.

First off - Tony Benson and I worked to provide recommendations on how
to secure the System Controller, or SC, which is part of every Sun Fire
Midframe server. These recommendations apply to environments concerned
with security and particularly those where the uptime requirements of
the SC and/or the information on the Sun Fire is critical to the
organization. The article is available here:

To simplify the implementation of these recommendations some
article-specific drivers were written for the Solaris Security Toolkit
(aka JASS). These new drives are available in the newly released version
0.3.1 of the Toolkit which is available at:

Secondly - Martin Englund did some great work discussing the hows and
whys of host-based firewalls as an effective alternative to choke-point
based firewalls. Details are also provided on how to implement these
recommendations using Sun's free host-based firewall software -
SunScreen[tm] SecureNet Lite. The article is available here:

Thirdly - David Deeths and Glenn Brunette teamed up to put together a
three part series on Network Time Protocol (NTP). This month the third,
and final, article in this series was published. This article completes
the series by discussing NTP troubleshooting and monitoring. The article
is available here:

To see all the previously published security-related BluePrint OnLine
articles check out our all-in-one web page at:

If you have any problems accessing the html or associated pdf article
files first point your browser at and then navigate
down to the actual article. This should properly set your session ID and
you should then be able to access the articles.


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