X Window over SSH

From: Greg Saoutine (gsaoutine@hotmail.com)
Date: 08/08/01

From: "Greg Saoutine" <gsaoutine@hotmail.com>
To: focus-sun@securityfocus.com
Subject: X Window over SSH
Date: Wed, 08 Aug 2001 15:18:38 -0400
Message-ID: <F77fJXr56RFY6mTBb5V00002bb3@hotmail.com>

My colleague came across the following within one of Sun's Newsgroups:

Xsun currently provides no way to disable listening for TCP connections.
If you need to worry about keeping people from connecting to the port,
you will need to use some sort of firewall software to block them.

Does it mean that the only way to *effectively* pipe X via SSH port 22 is to
set up a FW in front of the Sun box blocking port 6000? Any other

Thank you,
Greg Saoutine

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