ACL question

From: Stu Baker (
Date: 07/18/01

I am trying to figure out the appropriate default ACLs for a
directory so that when somebody creates new files/directories
underneath that directory it will inherit the ACLs from the parent

I tried this command:
setfacl -s u::rwx,g::rwx,o:r-x,m:rwx,d:u::rw-,d:g::rw-,d:o:r-x,d:m:rwx testdir

And then issued the command giving ACLs to the particular group I
want to have permissions (in addition to the owner and group)

setfacl -m g:lms:rwx testdir

However subsequent file and directories created underneath the parent
assume the default umask of the user, they don't seem to inherit the
ACLs of the parent directory.

Is what I want to do possible? if so what am I doing wrong?

Stu Baker
"Given a choice between NT and anything else, take anything else."
   - Scott T. Swanson

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