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HI there.

There are also solution like u can directly customise all the
components of windows XP via "Windows XPe" in windows XPe u can also
make a live Cd sort of known as Horms CD by MS and have a look at
windows embedded standard can make vista in similar manner and would
be cost effective also if on a large scale..


2009/11/13 Jérémie Bécousse <jbecousse@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

Sorry for my bad English, i hope this message will be understandable!

We are currently using the MS software MDT 2010 (Migration Deployment Tool)
wich allow you to install OS without human intervention.

To realise this for windows Seven and XP you need a Windows Server 2008 R2
and MDT 2010.

Nevertheless, maybe this system isn't exactly what you are looking for,
because the CD created by this tool is just a live CD allowing the
connection to MDT server and dowloading OS, Software, Service Pack etc.

We have realised scenarios for Windows XP and Windows 7, and we install
automatically Office, our Antivirus, TightVNC, Acrobat reader etc. with only
two clic in about 40 minutes.

About compatibility with multiple computers, it's not a problem because even
if the OS haven't drivers for your computer, you can add them manualy in MDT

Finaly if you have 10 computers models (for exemple), you can generate image
(.wim file) at the end of the process, and then update this image througt
MDT. The advantage of updating is you haven't to reinstall completly a
computer if you only have one security fix to add!

This tool is very powerfull, but need a lot of configuration to do this with
only two or three mouse clic. If you don't care to clic on Next button
during the installation phase, you can install MDT and create your basic
scenario in 30 minutes and deploy it in 20 minutes.


Jérémie Bécousse

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Objet : How to prepare Windows Installation Discs

Hello List,

I'm looking for some Informations about preparing the Windows
Installation  CD's (XP Pro).
It should be possible to prepare an installation disc with Windows
including all Service packs.
How to do that? It is possible to prepare installation CD for more than
one  machine?
And what about the Windows 7?
We prepare every week  up to 20  PC's as a part of our measurement systems.
Therefore it  is not our main topic, but I thing it is better to install
OS with all the updates
than make online update with every box.

Thank you for your answers

Have a nice day

Thanking you.

Harsh Patel
Team iT ELF
SCIT ISS 9/11.