RE: How to /password policy on Windows 2003

I've watched all of the replies flash by, I'm not sure any of them answered
the original question. Are you simply looking for directions on where to
configure the settings?

Is this Windows box part of an Active Directory domain, if it is use group
policy. If not, use the local security policy. Start > All Programs >
Administrative Tools > Local Security Policy. The precise path will vary
depend on your version of windows and how you've configured your Start Menu.
Once the tool is open expand Account Policies then click on Password Policy.
You can configure 6 password policies there. The next folder down contains
the 3 account lockout policies.

Or are you looking for advice on what values to assign to these settings? If
this is the case you already got some good advice, I would recommend
Microsoft's own guidance for Windows Server 2003:, follow the guidelines for the
Enterprise Client (EC) scenario. Of course, I'm biased, I wrote most of that
doc :P

A note on OU-specific password policies: that is a new feature in Windows
Server 2008, I don't think the version of the clients matter, only the
domain controllers:


Kurt Dillard

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Any ideas/best practices?


2009/8/20, pent 5971 <pent5971@xxxxxxxxx>:
I have an important Windows 2003 box which we are using only a admin
account actively. I also need to set a password policy (i have some
requirements) on this box and dont loose the admin account acces. How
can i do this password policy?