New Tech Tip: Configuring Windows 7 for a limited user

Hi folks,

Many of us playing with Windows 7 RC1, and I'd found limited guidance
on best practices for running as a limited user (in fact, I ended up
locking myself out of my own laptop). So I researched it and wrote a paper.

My paper discusses how to do this for both a new install and to retrofit
an existing user-is-admin configuration, and touches on how UAC works.
Most of this applies to Vista as well. Tech Tip: Configuring Windows 7 for a Limited User Account

Running as a limited user is a security best practice, and it's way
easier to do on Win7 than it is on XP (which I've been doing as well).

I hope this is helpful.


Stephen J Friedl | Security Consultant | UNIX Wizard | 714 694-0494
steve@xxxxxxxxxxx | Orange County, CA | Microsoft MVP |

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